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Guide to Route Numbers

What are Route Numbers?

1 Apr. 2020

A bus route is a route that the bus takes with different beginning and end points and other stops along the way.

To make the destinations on the bus route easy to understand, route numbers are made up with user-friendly numbers and letters.

About Assigned Route Numbers
Numbers are assigned to all routes. (※Except Loople Sendai buses)
Routes that depart from, arrive at, or pass through Sendai Station have three-digit numbers, while routes that depart from and arrive at subway and JR stations have two-digit numbers. Numbers are the same on outward and inward bus routes.

Three-digit route numbers are routes that depart from, arrive at or pass through Sendai Station. Sendai Station is considered the center of the bus routes and the first two digits of the route's numbers show their general direction in relation to Sendai Station.

100 numbers Kitarokubancho and Kitane directions 600 numbers Atago-Ohashi & Yagiyama directions
200 numbers Kakyoin and Route 45 directions 700 numbers Otamaya-bashi & Yagiyama directions
300 numbers Shintera and Shiwamachi directions 730~780 numbers Routes passing along Hirose-dori Avenue
320 numbers Rembo direction 800 numbers Routes passing through Tohoku University Hospital
400 numbers Aramachi and Wakabayashi Ward Office directions 900 numbers Kita-Sendai and Kitayama directions
500 numbers Wakabayashi direction  
Some routes have alphabetical letters.

1. Inward services heading for the city center include the following alphabetical letters according to the destination.

S For Sendai Station J Passing by the City Office & Jozenji-dori Avenue and heading for the Transportation Bureau & Tohoku University Hospital
K Passing by the Prefectural Office & City Hall and heading for the Transportation Bureau & Tohoku University Hospital  

2. When multiple services operate on the same route, the following alphabetical letters are included on routes that end at City Bus Operation Offices, Branch Offices, Subway Stations, etc.

X City Bus Operations Offices and Branch Offices Y For Yaotome Station
A For Asahigaoka Station N For Nagamachi-minami Station
D For Dainohara Station H For Haranomachi Station and Miyagino Ward Office
B For Sendai City Hospital T For Rikuzen-Takasago Station
R For Arai Station M For Yakushido Station
Z For Yagiyama Zoological Park Station

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