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Riding the Subway

Station Entrances

At the entrance of subway stations, subway symbols and station names are displayed.


<Station Entrance>


Buying Tickets

Please buy tickets at the ticket machines.

At the ticket machines, you can buy regular tickets, one-day tickets, icsca(*) cards (excluding those for children and those with welfare discounts) and put money on them, in addition to being able to print your icsca purchase history and buy seasonal icsca tickets (continued tickets only.)

(Ticket Machine)

(*)About icsca
icsca is an IC chip-equipped

1. If you put money on your icsca card,you can touch the card on the ticket gate's card reader to pay your fare.

2. icsca can be topped up and used repeatedly.

3. When you use your icsca card to ride the subway,you earn points,which can be used for future ticket purchases.

4. If you ride beyond the area in which your icsca commuter pass is valid,the outstanding fare will be automatically deducted by the ticket gate's card reader.

Going Through the Automated Ticket Gates

All subway ticket machines are automated. Please insert your ticket or touch your icsca card as shown below.

(Ticket Machine)

Riding the Train

Platform 1 is for Tomizawa bound trains and Platform 2 is for Izumi-chuo bound trains. Please be sure to check the platform number and wait behind the white lines.

(Platform and Train Proximity Display) Please give priority to those getting off the train,
and refrain from running or pushing onto the train.

When waiting for the train,

(1)Please stand clear of the moving barrier on the platform.

(2)Please do not lean
on the barriers.
(3)Please do not lean out beyond the barrier or rest any objects on it.

On the Train

Please give up your seat to those less able to stand and to the elderly.

Please switch off your mobile phone when you are near the priority seats. Set your phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone elsewhere on the train. Please also refrain from eating and drinking on the train.

Getting off the Train

Please pay attention to the exit signs, and feel free to use the lifts and escalators.

(Exit Signs) Walking while on the escalator is dangerous.
Please be sure to stand still and hold on to the handrail.

Passing Through the Ticket Gates

Adjusting Excess or Insufficient Fares

There are fare adjustment machines installed near the ticket gates. Please use them in the following way.

When You Have a Problem

(Station Service Windou)

Station service windows are located to the side of the ticket gates. If you encounter a problem, please consult the staff at the window.

Station Exits

There are maps installed near the ticket gates. 
Please check the location you wish to go to and proceed to the corresponding exit.


(Exit Signs)


In the event of a disaster, please follow the guidance of station staff and evacuate calmly.

(Emergency Exits)

Smoking is prohibited both inside the station and on the train.

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