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City Bus Fares

Fares from Sendai Station (Japanese syllabic order)
Destination Fare Destination Fare Destination Fare
Ayashi Eki Mae 530 yen Kitanakayama 2-chome 490 yen Tohoku Fukushidai Mae 230 yen
Aramachi 170 yen Kokuritsu Byoin Mae 180 yen Nakayama 4-chome 300 yen
Anyoji 2-chome 300 yen Kozurushinden Eki 340 yen Nankodai Iriguchi 230 yen
Izumi Village 4-chome 560 yen Sakuragaoka 7-chome 350 yen Miyagino Kuyakusho Mae 230 yen
Idohama 500 yen Jogi 1,140 yen Meisei Koko Mae 350 yen
Iwakiri Eki 450 yen Shiwamachi 180 yen Moniwadai 1-chome 530 yen
Okino 330 yen Seiryo Chutokyoiku Gakko Mae 350 yen Yagiyama Dobutsu Koen Eki 300 yen
Oritate 370 yen Seiwa Tandai Mae 450 yen Yasoen Mae 230 yen
Gas Kyoku Mae 230 yen Tohoku Daigaku Byoin Mae 180 yen Yamatomachi 1-chome 180 yen
    Takasago Shiei Jutaku Nishi 510 yen Wakabayashi Kuyakusho Mae 180 yen
    Tsurugaya 7-chome 350 yen Kitasendai 180 yen
    Wakabayashi Shogakko Mae 230 yen    

For fares to other destinations, please contact the information center.

Subway Fares

  Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5
Adult 200 yen 250 yen 300 yen 330 yen 360 yen
Child (6-11 years old) (100 yen) (130 yen) (150 yen) (170 yen) (180 yen)

>>Table of regular fares and distances/times between stations (Japanese)(PDF:177KB)

About Child Fares

  • Child fares are half the price of adult fares, but fractions of less than 10 yen are rounded up.
    ※Exceptions: In cases where a child is eligible to receive a bus and subway connection discount but needs to pay an exit fare after riding too far, fractions of less than 10 yen are not payable. Since amounts cannot be rounded down using exit fare machines, please go to the ticket counters of the station you are at.
  • Child passengers include preschool children (1-5 years old) and elementary schoolchildren. Junior high school children (12 years and older) are counted as adults.
    ※Children graduating elementary school are considered elementary schoolchildren until March 31 of that year, and as adults from April 1.
  • Infants under 1 year of age are free of charge. For each child passenger aged 1 year or more , the accompanying child (1-5 years old) can travel free of charge, within two children.

Welfare Discounts

  • Holders of physical disability certificates, mental disability certificates, and persons accompanying such certificate holders are entitled to half price fares.
    - When riding city buses, please show your certificate to the driver.
    - When riding subways, adult certificate holders are eligible to purchase regular child tickets. In cases of child certificate holders, please contact the station staff.
    - There are fare discounts for residents of child welfare facilities, and similar institutions, as well as for those accompanying them
  • Residents of child welfare facilities and persons accompanying them are eligible for half-price fares if they display a child welfare fare discount certificate or a welfare-eligible child attendee’s certificate.

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