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How to Ride and Use City Buses

On route buses and city loop buses (Loople Sendai), passengers board from the central door and get off at the front. Fares are paid at the end of the ride.

Passengers Paying by Cash or Using Commuter Passes, City Bus 1-day Passes

When boarding

○Take a numbered ticket

When getting off

○Insert the amount shown on the fare display board together with the numbered ticket into the cash receptacle. No change is given. Please change money in advance using the change machine onboard the bus. Paper currency can only be changed up to 1,000 yen.
○Holders of commuter passes and city bus 1-day passes should insert their numbered ticket while displaying their pass to the driver.

Prepaid Card Pass Holders

When boarding

○Insert your card into the card reader at the entrance. There is no need to take a numbered ticket.
○If two or more people are boarding, anyone who does not have a prepaid card pass should take a numbered ticket.

When getting off

○Insert your card into the card reader by the driver’s seat. The fare for one adult is automatically deducted.
○If a child or more than two people are using a single card, please inform the driver before inserting the card into the card reader.

Points to Note

○Passengers who require a subway connection ticket should inform the driver when getting off.
○The change machines at bus exits can only change coins and paper currency up to 1,000 yen.
Passengers holding only 2,000 yen, 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen notes are asked to change money before boarding buses.

Route Buses

(1) Card selection button
When purchasing a prepaid card pass, push the desired card button in advance. If no button is pressed, inserted money will be automatically changed.
(2) Paper currency insertion
Only 1,000 yen notes can be used. Insert one note at a time.
(3) Card outlet

For Wheelchair Users
  • Wheelchair users can ride city buses.
    Wheelchairs can mount low-floor (one-step and non-step) buses using the slope board provided. On general (two-step) buses, since drivers cannot assist with boarding and exiting, it is necessary to obtain help from accompanying persons or other passengers.
  • Lift buses, which can be boarded and exited by wheelchair users without assistance, are operated on the Tsurugaya-Nankodai Route and Nankodai circular route (small community buses). Buses can be boarded from the bus stops indicated below.
    >>Tsurugaya-Nankodai Route (Japanese) (displayed in a separate window)
    >>Nankodai circular route (small community buses) (Japanese) (displayed in a separate window)
    For details, please contact Higashi-Sendai Sales Office (022-251-1420)

For Baby Buggy Users
  • From the viewpoint of preventing accidents onboard buses, passengers accompanying babies in baby buggies are asked to fold their buggies, sit down and hold their child on their knees.
  • If there are no empty seats, please ask the driver to request other passengers to move from their seats.

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